Pay 20% deposit to make a reservation with the studio/shops.

Please pay the left over balance in Korea with KRW Cash only.

Credit Card may charge 10% tax, 4% Credit card service fee when you make the left over balance in Korea.

  • We will give you a confirmation call when deposit is made.
  • Everything is included ( English interpreter, lunch, Dresses, Tuxedo, Makeup/Hair, Transportation, Original/Edited Photos, Album, Frames, Shipping fee, etc.)
  • You Can bring your own Clothes for photo shoot. (traditional costume, uniforms, casual clothes… etc.)

-For people who use Coupons code before it expires

  • You can use the coupons before it expires, and decide the shooting date or change studios by asking us via Email, phone call, wechat, whatsapp, or kakaotalk.


-Packages info-

  • Express Package

3 Dresses (2 White, 1 color or mini dress), 1Tuxedo, Make up, Hair for groom/bride at the studio same day. (hair/makeup, choosing dress takes about 2hours)(photoshoot takes about 4-5 hours)

  •  Full Package

1st day – We go to Dress shop+Tuxedo shop (takes about 2-3 hours)

(3-4 Dresses (3white, 1 mini) and 1 tux from dress shop + 1 more tux from tailor shop)

2nd day – Go to Makeup shop for make up / hair(takes about 2-3hours), Go to studio for photoshoot(takes about 4-5hours)-(Night shoot takes more time)

Package Details