Yongma land – Sherry from Hong Kong (Korean wedding photo)

Korean wedding photo with NoblesseSMD at Yongma land.

I had the pleasure to take my pre wedding photographs in Korea through NoblesseSMD. The staff was very professional and helpful. They responded very quickly when I contacted them.

The package I decided to choose was the Full pre wedding package which includes hair and makeup for bride and groom, 2 wedding dresses and 1 mini dress, 2 suits and a casual look. Also with the particular studio we chose they had an option for a night shoot which we decided to do as well.

The day of our shoot, a member of their staff came and picked us up from the hotel and took us to the studio. He was very friendly and knowledgable about prewedding photograhy in Korea.

When we arrived to the studio, I tried on a few of their dresses. A helper was there to assist me in putting on the dresses as they are quite big and a little complicated to tighten in the back. Here is one of the dresses I chose.

I then proceeded to hair and makeup. While I was waiting for them to finish, my fiance was trying on different suits. The helper helped him find suits that were the right size for him and helped him fix the sleeves and pant length. After we chose our outfits and hair and makeup was done we were ready for shooting. Here is me with our photographer at the start of our shooting.

We started our shooting inside and then moved outside for this shot.

Me and my fiance posing in our first look. Photos were taken by our escort and translator Steve.


After we took a few shots in several different locations around the studio, we went back to the fitting room to try on our second look. Here is my second dress. I really liked the back part.

My helper also helped me change my hair for my second look.

Here is me and my husband in our second look.

After our second look, we had our third look. I wore a pink shirt with a white skirt and my fiance wore a pink button up and white pants. Then our final look, which was a casual look.

Overall, dress and suit fittings along with hair and makeup takes about 2 hours and shooting was about 4 hours long. We were very pleased with our pictures. Here were some quick edit photos that they gave to us, just shortly after our shooting.

We were so excited to see how well they turned out. I was so surprised that these photos werent even a final edit but a quick edit. We were so pleased. I was so excited for our evening shoot. Here is a glimpse of our evening shoot.

Not only was I so pleased with how the pictures came out but overall the process was so much fun. The people involved were so helpful and kind. And although me and my husband couldn’t speak any korean it wasn’t a problem. Our translator was there to help us communicate with the photographer.

After all the shooting was finally done. Our translator took us out to a traditional Korean meat restaurant. We ate galbi with lettuce and other korean side dishes. Here is a picture of us at the restaurant.

And at round 2