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A graphy - prewedding

Prewedding – A graphy

Pre wedding packages in Korea has been a big trend world wide. A graphy is one of the leading company who makes pre wedding photos which can be last for long time. They are renewing their studio sets every year to make every brides’ photos unique and stylish. The CEO of this studio is Young and smart. You will be amazed by his skills of using light and sets during the prewedding photo shoot session. This studio is located in the heart of Gangnam which is a famous place for prewedding photo studios in Korea. As you can see the samples below, the quality of their photos are luxurious, and stylish at the same time. If you are looking for a good priced pre wedding package with high quality photos, this studio is offering a must have package.

This studio is also offering half price package which is for digital copies only.  Ask us about their half price package for prewedding service.

Both Express package and Full packages are available for A graphy studio. We highly recommend Express package for this studio.

With express packages they are providing, it is cheaper and takes less time. Sometimes, we recommend full packages for quality, but this studio’s express package is similar to the full package.

They have great selections of dresses, and professional makeup artists in the studio. Not many studios own makeup artists like this one does. They will do makeup&hair for both bride and groom at the same day of photo shooting.

with Express package of A graphy studio, – makeup&hair takes about 2 hours for both bride and groom. Photo shoot session will take about 4 hours. You will get your photos at the same day or in a week. You can get the original photos at the shooting date only if you agree that “you don’t want your original photos get converted/color edited”. Otherwise, You can get your photos in a week after they do some conversion and color grading.  The original photos will be about 300-700 photos.